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PHS Teacrate launches new improved Personal Crate

Nov 15, 2013
PHS Teacrate has launched a new personal crate called the LC1. PHS Teacrate developed the new design in response to market feedback highlighting a demand for smaller and more secure crates.

Unique to PHS Teacrate, the new LC1 personal crate has several ‘designed-in’ features that translate into a number of benefits for the end user and also for the mover.

The personal crate, a staple piece of equipment in commercial moving, offers compact portable storage and security for an employee’s personal effects including desk contents and desktop items such as stationery, mugs, brochures and magazines.

The new LC1 personal crate from PHS Teacrate is compact, ergonomic, robust and secure and offers enhanced benefits over the previous model:

  • Convenient size and weight with contoured ergonomic handles for easy end user handling;
  • Enhanced security through closely interlocking lid tabs and integrated openings with guide channels for security seals;
  • Robust rounded and reinforced corners on the lid and rim;
  • Raised hinge towers and lid stops help safely locate containers when stacking;
  • With the same compact capacity (25 litre) as the previous model, the new LC1 has similar external dimensions at a reduced weight of 1.74 kg (previously 1.87 kg);
  • Appealing bright blue colour (rental stock).

PHS Teacrate’s significant investment in product development and manufacturing has allowed the supply of thousands of new LC1 personal crates into PHS Teacrate’s branch network to be made immediately available to customers throughout the UK. 

As is the case with all PHS Teacrate’s rental products, a next day delivery service applies on the rental of the new LC1 personal crate.  Customers interested in purchasing the new LC1 crate can specify their choice of colour and have the crates branded with their company logo.

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Photo:The PHS Teacrate LC1


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