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Mover Technologies US software

Jun 30, 2014
Arizona-based Mover Technologies LLC has designed a new software program that it claims will “make waves among the industry's old guard, while astonishing the bright-eyed newcomers to the moving business".

The software brings together the worlds of brokers, movers and affiliates under the same platform working on smart phones and tablets with 4G access.


Unlike traditional desktop software, Mover Technologies' is entirely cloud-based, storing the entirety of its contents online with backups across multiple servers. This allows licensees to run their moving business from nearly anywhere in the world.


The system was designed by Daniel Cunningham and implemented by a team of programmers and is being marketed in cooperation with co-owner Vinnie Smith, owner of iRelocation Network – one of the largest lead providers in the relocation industry.


The system can be easily customised to meet the needs of any moving business. Settings can include adjusting tariffs, billing, sending out customised e-mails and providing bespoke reports.  The software comes complete with a mobile application that greatly eases the difficulty of issues like creating the inventory of a move. Movers can use their smart phones and tablets to take images of items being moved, mark any pre-existing damage to the items, and add them to the virtual inventory. Another feature analyses a video of a room to automatically create an inventory of moving items, which uses pre-established weight estimates to further refine a move's quoted price.


Mover Technologies can also be used as a CRM for sales teams, with a notably advanced built-in VoIP system that records all calls to the system's job orders. Prices start at just $59.99 a month for a single user, with an additional per user fee of $49.99.

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Photos: Daniel Cunningham; Vinnie Smith

Lift van with GPS

Mover Technologies supplies what it claims is a unique portable storage container system. The containers, which are available in wood or high density plastic are large enough to hold a sofa on its side.  Each container has a built-in GPS unit to track its movement from beginning to end. Not only does this track shipments across the country, but it also adds transparency for customers looking to follow their household items as they travel from origination to destination.


Photo: Collapsible container with GPS

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