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Tales of the Unexpected - By Caroline Seear

Jan 06, 2015
Any business that has recruited new staff knows that it can be an interesting time filled with the unexpected. People will turn up with no real idea about what the job entails or they may have no experience or knowledge of your industry – despite what their CV might say. They may have unrealistic expectations or lack interest and enthusiasm. And some will be just plain weird.

All of this may involve some bizarre interviews and a sting of rejection letters. On reflection it may seem like an amusing experience but it will have also been an expensive waste of time and you may still be looking for the right person to fill a key role. Many businesses find that using a Recruitment Consultancy helps them avoid the unexpected and proves to be a cost effective way of finding great people to employ. But just as finding the right person for your vacancy can be a challenge, choosing the right consultancy can be difficult.

So what should you be looking for? It’s important to choose a consultancy that has a real understanding of your industry and how it works. So look for well-established consultancies that have an impressive client list and who can demonstrate that they can deliver results. Talk to them and see if they speak your language. Building up a rapport with your consultant based on trust and mutual goals will help ensure success.

A highly professional consultancy will spend time getting to know your business and understanding exactly what you are looking for. They will save you time and money by carrying out an extensive search to make sure you only see high quality candidates who can add real value to your business. They will use the latest technology to identify suitable candidates and will use comprehensive screening mechanisms to make sure that would-be employees are genuine and right for you. Above all they will offer a personal service, working with you throughout the selection process to make sure you are happy with the way things are going.

So no more wading through mountains of CVs that seem to tell you everything and nothing. Your recruitment consultant will have done all the ground work for you and made sure that your involvement in the recruitment process will be purposeful and a good use of your valuable time.

So next time you are looking at expanding your operations, or if you just have the odd vacancy to fill then give some thought to what sort of recruitment experience you want. Are you really looking for more tales of the unexpected, or would you prefer the reassurance that a professional consultant is working tirelessly to find you the right person for your business.

Photo: Caroline Seear

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