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The story of the PorterBag - By Ronald Vriend

Jan 06, 2015
Over the years I have helped many people move and one thing I noticed is that most are not good lifters, especially when it comes to heavy objects such as household appliances and the direct result is most often damage to goods and personal injury.

In Amsterdam we have steep and narrow stairs in our houses which makes carrying a washer even more difficult.  As I am reasonably creative I thought of a way that would make things easier: this went on to become the PorterBag.

I was proud of my idea and I entered a Dutch television show called Het Beste Idee van Nederland.  Although I did not win (the programme was sponsored so a sponsored product had to win) many people had seen the PorterBag and on social media the buzz was out.  A big company that is strong in producing bulk bags for heavy industry,, wanted to produce the bag as they agreed on the benefit the bag could bring.

So now I had publicity and a producer, next was a retailer to sell my bag and that was one of Holland’s biggest DIY stores, Gamma.  The PorterBag is now sold in over 200 stores in the Netherlands.

Of course the bag does not make things lighter: Newton’s law is untouched!  But it does make it easier and safer, with less chance of damage.  A washer, for instance, has a loose wire and a watertube that people can trip on, this is now being held together in the bag.  The handles on the bag keep your hands in one place prevending it from being hurt by things like doorposts.  It also forces the carriers to hold the object in an ergonomic manner, is light and foldable into a small package and re-usable.  It can also be used as a dump bag for rubble.  When it was shown to Holland’s biggest transport union it was rewarded by being given a place in its book of ergonomic solutions. 

I am of course very happy about its success, but wouldn't it be great to see UK movers work with the PorterBag?  For more information about the bag you can contact Mr Ivo Haije at

Ronald Vriend, Inventor of the PorterBag, the Netherlands.


Photos: Ronald Vriend, (left) demonstrates correct use of the PorterBag.

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