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Ivan the mole digs up new business for movers

Sep 07, 2015
The way moving companies find work looks set to change forever following the launch of revolutionary new app Ivan intro.

The free to download app, fronted by Ivan the mole, is powered by ground-breaking response technology which mines Twitter for key phrases in conversations or mentions relevant to moving companies. The app then automatically sends a personalised response from the user with contact details.

The user-friendly app, that is free to download for both Apple IOS and Android OS devices, comes pre-loaded with over 150 trades and occupations, and can be set up in six easy steps. Once installed and set up, the app works 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, unearthing leads for people’s businesses. Ivan_intro also allows users to set a radius of up to 20 miles, keeping its mining of introductions very local.

The app comes pre-loaded with five free responses. The user can set up a reply to leads unearthed by Ivan. Users can use an in-app top-up to buy more responses if required.

Ivan_intro currently works with Twitter’s 15+ million active users, but its creators, Sociosciences, intend to include users of other social media, including Instagram and Facebook.

Sociosciences Director, Stuart Burn, said: “Ivan never sleeps. He works 24/7, leaving you free to work, relax and sleep while he digs up business leads for you. Our innovative technology means Ivan only sends a response to those who have mentioned they need help, so when the mobile rings you know it’s someone who wants your services.  The app is free to download, so it’s a no-brainer to give it a go and see if it can transform your business. Ivan is a very clever mole to have on your side.”

Technology entrepreneur, Professor Paul Morrissey, said: “This app will revolutionise the way small businesses and tradespeople find new leads. There’s nothing in the marketplace currently providing this level of service and automation.”

Ivan the mole was launched on Monday, 3 August 2015.  To download it free go to

Photo: Ivan Intro app

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