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British manufacturer launches high-quality timber storage container

May 10, 2016
Telford-based Direct Containers (UK) Ltd has launched a new high-quality 2184 x 1574 x 2424, 250 cuft wooden container for the removals & storage industry

The containers are manufactured in the company’s workshops in Shropshire using 8mm tongue and groove Scandinavian Redwood boards rather than the traditional 3mm plywood used by many manufacturers. 

The company claims the robust construction of the containers will extend service life, allow maximum stacking, and eliminate side-bulging when fully laden. They are also easy to repair by simply removing a damaged board and sliding in a new one, preserving the integrity of the unit and avoiding unsightly patches.  

Direct Containers' Managing Director Steve Clear, who worked in the removals industry for over 40 years said, “I know how easy it is to damage containers when they’re being moved around the warehouse and on and off vehicles and I thought the industry deserved something better.  I believe our new tongue and groove containers are the best on the market and so far every mover who’s seen them agrees.”  

Despite being made from solid timber, the units are actually lighter than most conventional containers. “We know that weight can be important, especially if you’re using 7.5 ton vehicles, so we considered that very carefully at the design stage.  Although the upper part of the box is heavier, we’ve reduced the overall weight by lightening the base and using special strengtheners to give a very stable platform. The result is they weigh slightly less than many others on the market,” said Steve.  

As a small manufacturer with relatively low overheads, Steve has been able to keep the cost of the containers at a very competitive level.  Although the unit cost is slightly higher than the major manufacturers’ – around 10% - the longevity of the product means the life-time cost should be much lower.  

In addition to the standard 250 cuft units Direct Containers (UK) can manufacture containers of any size to order, enabling warehouse storage space to be fully utilised.  Units can also be adapted to serve as offices within a building or can be specially treated for outdoor use.    

The containers are flat-packed and can be collected from the company’s factory in Telford, just off the M54.  A delivery service is also available and shipping to overseas destinations can also be arranged.  

For further information call 0800 6980093

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