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Multi Trolley allows a single user to move heavy furniture

May 13, 2016
Multi Trolley is a unique and patented product that allows a single user to move heavy furniture such as tables, desks, sofas, doors and beds.

The ergonomic and revolutionary technique of mounting the trolley onto the item to be moved, rather than the other way around, dramatically reduces the risk of injury as the trolley itself bears the full weight of the load instead of the human body. Two people are therefore no longer needed to move a single item, simplifying the moving process, increasing productivity and saving time and money. 

Multi Trolley is becoming a mainstay of the removals industry in Europe and beyond. It is now also patented in Japan and Australia, and today has users and retailers in over 30 countries worldwide.   The company is a commercial partner of FEDEMAC and has recently taken part in moving industry events in Riga, Sofia and Reims. The latest version of the product, the Multi Trolley Standard 4.0, offers several improvements over previous models, making it more user-friendly whilst still offering a load-bearing capacity of 250 kg. 

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Multi Trolley was originally designed by the company’s owner at sister company Örebro Budet, with over 40 years’ experience in the moving industry, when he saw a need and designed Multi Trolley to fill it.

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