Licence checking added to Visionfta compliance tool

Jun 21 | 2016

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has launched a new update to its innovative Visionfta compliance software so operators can keep a day-to-day check on their drivers’ licences.

The new addition allows users to view alerts from FTA partner Licence Bureau when logged in to Visionfta, creating a seamless link between the two systems and removing the need for separate checks. 

Licence Bureau Director Malcolm Maycock said, “Licence Bureau is delighted to be working with FTA to help provide this service, which is essential to every business. It is really important for all operators to ensure that their drivers’ details are up to date and that their licences are fit for purpose.”  

FTA Tachograph Product Owner Sam Varrell said, “Visionfta had developed into a ‘one stop shop’ for compliance, giving the complete picture of a transport operation in one place. Visionfta is web-based rather than an install so there’s no additional cost for licences per user. It gives a clear view across all drivers, not just one at a time, and has great flexibility.” 

Unlike many other tachograph analysis tools, Visionfta analyses under EU, UK domestic, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland domestic drivers’ hours. 

Drivers can also use the software to see their personal data on a computer or the driver app, including forward-looking drivers’ hours, to help both the company and driver manage their compliance proactively. 

Photo: Sam Varrell.