RAVAS-SafeLoad alerts forklift drivers to unsafe lifting

Jul 08 | 2016

Dutch weighing system manufacturer RAVAS has launched an aftermarket product for fork lift trucks that provides both weight and stability information in a single combined display

The RAVAS-SafeLoad acts as an active load diagram by calculating the weight, load centre point and mast tilt, to decide whether a load can be lifted safely in its current situation. When the lifting is unsafe, the RAVAS-SafeLoad cabin display alerts the driver with both audio and visual signals

An LED bar below the weight display goes from green (safe lifting), via yellow, to red (unsafe lifting and risk of tipping over). The LED bar stability indication is enhanced by the colour of the weight display (green backlight in safe situations, red backlight in unsafe situations), and by a fork in the weight display that is divided in three segments, one of them blinking to indicate the load centre point (LCP) on the forks.

The RAVAS-SafeLoad also has a built-in data logging function which automatically records every single lifting event over time. The data can be downloaded via Bluetooth connection and provides information on the safety and efficiency of the truck’s use for fleet management purposes. 

Photo: RAVAS-SafeLoad.