BITO’s EQ collapsible bins save space – and fingers!

Oct 19 | 2016

BITO Storage Systems has launched its new EQ range of space saving collapsible Euro-containers for transporting goods.

When not in use the sides of the container can be folded, saving up to 75% on volume.

Sized 600 x 400 mm at the base, the EQ container has two height options: 285 mm and 320 mm. Both versions can accommodate loads of up to 20kg. Depending on use, the ribbed base or double base options provide additional strength and rigidity.

To reduce the risk of trapped fingers - which can be a common issue on similar containers - the EQ has been designed with an innovative ‘seesaw’ locking/unlocking profile on its short sides. This allows the sides to lock open with a simple push on the box shoulder using thumb or the heel of the hand.

Options for the EQ container include permanently attached interlocking lids, tamper evident security seals and a fold-up grip that allows convenient carrying of filled boxes. Address labels can be inserted into the inside label holders – a transparent window cover allows clear visibility from the outside. Labels fitted inside are loss-proof and keep the box sides clean from sticky labels thereby avoiding time-consuming removal of glue residue.

Photo: Folding the sides of an empty EQ container saves up to 75% on volume.