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Digital inventory from Scan2Move

Mar 02, 2017
Scan2Move, a technology company from Amsterdam founded in 2014, recently launched its digital inventory technology.

The company says that it is the most comprehensive digital inventory list system currently available on the market.

The software allows users to create a digital inventory of all items being moved on any Android or iOS mobile device or Internet-connected desktop computer. It covers all three stages of moving: loading, mid-scanning and unloading.


During loading the packer can record any pre-existing damage by taking photos, thereby avoiding any disputes about when and where an item was damaged. During packing the system enables the creation of IAM approved, ISO-accredited items lists. This is a standardised inventory list that makes it easier for moving companies in different parts of the world to communicate as all the companies are using the same list, with a same code for the items. Barcodes can be created on-site using a Bluetooth-connected mobile printer. After packing the list is uploaded to the cloud where it can be viewed, printed, e-mailed and translated into any of eight languages including Chinese, Russian and Arabic.


Items can be scanned at any time during transit with the information uploaded to the cloud via a WiFi or mobile data connection. At each scan the system records the GPS location and the time, making an accurate trail of each package during the journey. If something is missing the loss will be detected immediately. This makes it easy to see where a package has gone missing and for the origin agent to prove that all the items were present when the container was loaded.


All items can be scanned during unloading to identify any missing or damaged items.

The password-protected data is available to all parties throughout the move – origin agent, destination agent, corporate and transferee. Various reports and statistics are also available. More information is available at

Photo: Sander Kollerie, Head of IT Development (far right) with IT specialists Kari Kärkkäinen (left) and Taavi Soursa .

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