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Britwrap moves in on desiccants

Apr 23, 2017
Liverpool-based protective packaging brand Britwrap has introduced new moisture-absorbing desiccants to its product range
The new products follow the company’s entry into the removals materials market with its range of heavy duty protective packaging and its reusable mattress bag.

The new products are marketed under the German brand ‘SeaDry’ which helps to eliminate damage to goods caused by excess moisture. Moisture damage occurs when there are fluctuations in temperature, e.g. day/night, this causes any water locked up within storage goods to liquefy and form condensation. Condensation can occur at any time but is a particular problem when goods are being shipped through different temperature and humidity zones.

The company says that SeaDry has been specially formulated and packaged to prevent damage to goods during transport and storage.

The product works by immediately binding with any excess moisture in containers or storage units to form a gel, promising to reduce relative humidity by up to 50%. The pouches can absorb more than 200% of their own weight and are considerably more effective than silica gel and desiccated clay. The product range has five variants:

  • SeaDry Single: recommended for use in boxes or small spaces. 
  • SeaDry Hook: equipped with a strong hanging hook, it is recommended for use in   spaces of approximately 25ft2.
  • SeaDry Pole H: designed to be hung horizontally and is recommended for use in spaces of up to 50 sq feet. 
  • SeaDry Strip: with a rear adhesive strip it offers flexible positioning and is   recommended for use in confined spaces. 
  • SeaDry Blanket: designed to be laid flat and is recommended for use in tightly packed containers or storage units.
SeaDry is a high performing desiccant which has been thoroughly tested and is already being used by a number of highly reputable companies. Martin Ellioth, Managing Director of Weir & Carmichael, said: ‘We are delighted to add SeaDry to our protective packaging range. It’s a fantastic, high-quality product sure to benefit the removals and storage industry.”

SeaDry is available to buy online at For further information, or for bulk order enquiries, call 0151 934 1250.

Photo: Items from the Britwrap SeaDry desiccant range.

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