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Voxme Virtual Survey launched

Jun 18, 2017
Canadian Technology company Voxme Software Inc has recently launched Voxme V Survey, a cloud-based virtual survey application to help professional surveyors conduct accurate surveys without the need to physically visit the customer’s house.

This is an addition to the company’s comprehensive suite of mobile and office applications for household goods removals companies.  

Used with live video chat (with optional recording) and the browser-based interaction with a transferee, Voxme V Survey allows move consultants to capture the inventory using their pre-move survey application or an embedded inventory based on their company’s cubesheet with item details and photos. A survey summary is available in PDF and can be uploaded to Voxme MF Cloud or any other move management system for further processing (be it a physical survey or quoting). The application is integrated with Pac Global insurance.  

Voxme says that unlike similar products that seem to focus solely on the video chat, Voxme V Survey comes with an embedded pre-move survey functionality, which is very similar to its estimator application that is based on the company’s cubesheet, rooms, materials and dictionaries. Item photos can be captured live from the video feed or from a recorded video, which means that the move consultant can get a feel for the volume and weight during the chat with the transferee and make an educated decision about what to do next with the enquiry (send a surveyor, quote based on what’s been shown, or move on to the next enquiry). The survey details can be uploaded to practically all standard move management platforms, as well as all Voxme Estimator and MF Cloud.   

The technology doesn't replace professionals,” said Max Kreynin from Voxme.  “It allows them to be the best at what they do while saving their time. That's the guiding principle we've followed since the days of Palm Pilot. At the end of the day, the video is just a complementary utility for the real professional pre-move survey tools and the real professional surveyors and salesmen who can now be themselves even during the remote surveys.”  

Voxme V Survey allows for full browser-based interaction between the transferee and the consultant, which means that the transferee sees the inventory being captured by the consultant in real time, can add item photos and details such as measurements, notes and insurance value and even add items and rooms. “This is important as often the residential Internet cuts the video (especially when a transferee starts going to the basement, attic, garage or stepping out to the backyard where there’s no WiFi coverage),” explained Max.  “Even though the reconnection to the video chat is seamless, the conversation can be continued over the phone and the consultant can simply guide the transferee to add photos of items requiring special handling. Since both parties are looking at the same details (though the transferee doesn’t see volume and weight), it establishes the required level of trust between the transferee and the mover.”  

The transferee can actually start the survey from the mover’s website and then call and ask a consultant to join the survey session, open the video chat and take over or instruct on the item entry over the phone. Voxme V Survey is multilingual and customizable to allow each company to have their own brand, languages and terminology.  

The basic Voxme V Survey package starts at US$120/login/year. Survey videos are US$2/survey (up to 30 minutes) including two months of video storage.  Each extra month of video storage is US$1/survey/month. To find out more and set up a trial run contact:  


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