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Get involved in the wearable revolution

Aug 23, 2017

A company from New Zealand has designed a device to help people lift heavy boxes and carry them around in comfort. It’s looking for support to bring it to market.

The product is called, The Cartwright. The company says that it’s a ‘wearable revolution’ that gives the user access to their true strength, bestowing the ability to lift, carry, and hold awkward or heavy weights with ease.

It is a device designed to transfer the weight of an object directly to the human body as opposed to being held in the arms. The Cartwright is suitable for anyone and everyone who has cause to lift awkward or heavy objects. It is made to very high and exacting standards and comes with a 10-year-warranty on all parts and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The Cartwright consists of two main parts - the harness, and a platform that attaches to it. By resting the object on the platform, the load is then taken by the harness instead relatively weak arms. It forces the user to adopt a perfect posture and, since the arms are no longer having to hold the object, they can be used to open doors or complete documentation.

The Cartwright can also be used by two people by passing the optional lifting straps underneath the object allowing them to lift heavy and awkward items such as fridges, heavy wooden cabinets, sofas and washing machines far easier.

The product is only at the prototype stage at present and the company is looking for crowd funding to help it to the next stage. It is offering big discounts to supporters. To find out more, watch the video or become involved go to:

Photo: The Cartwright.

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