SmartWitness launches full service fleet monitoring service

Jun 17 | 2018

Video telematics provider SmartWitness has launched a new system – SmartGuard - that provides monitoring for fleets 24-hours a day, 365-days a year.

The system provides full service monitoring of live video cameras and telematics for all vehicle fleet sizes and alerts transport managers in an emergency. 

The SmartGuard platform captures, processes, and stores high-definition video footage enhanced with telematics data. It is completely hardware agnostic and is compatible with any device capable of transmitting data – whether existing telematics systems or in-vehicle cameras.

The data received is analysed with information displayed in a series of user-friendly dashboards, alerts and reports. Driving risk is reduced by offering qualified driver behaviour analysis, which in turn reduces potential liability, fleet insurance costs, and offers better protection for drivers and their company’s brand. Operators can switch which vehicles are monitored and change the number of vehicles covered quickly and at low cost.

SmartWitness Founder and CEO Paul Singh said, “Vehicle cameras that are not monitored do have an initial impact on driver behaviour but after a short time drivers become used to having a camera in their vehicle. Monitored cameras ensure that standards are continually met and that problems are being fed back in real time. The SmartGuard system can be made available to all or just a section of your fleet.

The SmartGuard system was piloted by several major haulage companies before being rolled out to the whole of the UK in May 2018. 

SmartGuard dashboard
Photo: SmartGuard dashboard