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Crater upgrades for easier communication with customers

Aug 05, 2018
Crater has upgraded its SurveyBot platform so that movers can more easily communicate with their customers via phone, SMS/text, e-mail and video - all within the platform. The company calls the new functionality its Omni Communication Hub.

The new Hub means that employees no longer need to use a dedicated landline or their own personal mobile device to contact customers - they can call from within SurveyBot.  Phone calls can be recorded and stored within the SurveyBot. SMS/Text messages can now also be sent directly from the platform. Moving companies no longer need a separate e-mail service provider (ESP) to send e-mails as they can all be written within SurveyBot

The system includes pre-existing e-mail templates that can be used or customized and flags to show whether an e-mail has been opened and read.  Video surveys can be performed and logged within the platform.

Centralising all these forms of communication within Surveybot makes it easier than ever before to effectively and easily communicate with customers.

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