Arrow XL uses Shoulder Dolly

Oct 29 | 2018

Delivery company Arrow XL has recently issued the Shoulder Dolly lifting strap, supplied by Packer Products, to all of its 300 specialist delivery crews after completing a successful trial.

Arrow XLThe device is used to help crews deliver heavy objects and could easily be used by moving companies for moving large items of furniture or office equipment.

The Shoulder Dolly lifting strap is ideal for two people moving heavy and awkward loads. The sturdy harness fits comfortably over shoulders and uses natural leverage to make the load seem lighter.

The Shoulder Dolly is ergonomically designed to promote proper lifting techniques and encourages the use of legs for lifting, leaving hands and arms unconstrained. This helps to reduce the risk of injury and back strain. It has a lifting capacity of 360kg and is fully adjustable to suit the load and the operator.

Roddy Macdonald, Arrow XL’s Head of Operations for Scotland & Ireland, agreed that the trial had been beneficial for the company, saying: “The welfare of our staff is extremely important to us and as a company we are always looking for ways to make manual handling safer and easier.  Our crews gave great feedback on the Shoulder Dolly and we couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Trial data collected by the company shows that washing machines, sheds, sofas, US fridge freezers and other white goods were successfully lifted using the Shoulder Dolly.

For more information on the Shoulder Dolly, contact Packer’s sales team on +44 (0) 1268 885885, e-mail or visit