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White label insurance from SCHUNCK

Jul 18, 2019
The SCHUNCK GROUP has launched a new white-label IT tool for movers that it claims makes organising insurance for customers easier and quicker.

The system allows movers to process insurance through their own operational software rather than having to work on the insurance company’s platform. To insure a move, the customer only has to tick one box when placing the order.  All data necessary to calculate the insurance premium is encrypted and automatically forwarded to SCHUNCK. The person moving receives the insurance confirmation conveniently by email, and all records and accompanying documents are also automatically sent to the removal company.

The insurance confirmation contains a link or QR code that can be used to bring up an online claim form in the event of damage. Details about the damage, the value of the goods to be moved, and documents such as photos, etc., can be uploaded via smartphone or computer and sent directly to claims processing.

"With our convenient and innovative interface solution, the removal company can offer its customers immense added value, without having to invest any time or effort themselves,” said Thomas Wicke, Managing Director and Head of Sales at the SCHUNCK GROUP. 


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