Voxme inventory system now allows barcode liftvan tracking

Sep 28 | 2019

Voxme Software’s inventory system now features barcode-based tracking of liftvans and pallets as they travel from origin agent to port agent to delivery agent and finally to the delivery address, where individual pieces can be scanned out as part of the delivery process.

Voxme inventory system now allows barcode based liftvan trackingThe tracking process is as simple as scanning a barcode or a QR code off the shipping label on the liftvan. Liftvan barcodes can be printed on a label or regular printer from any browser using the cloud-based Voxme Mighty Forwarder Cloud (MFC) system. Voxme inventory apps for iOS and Android use ultra-fast camera-based scanning, removing the need for any additional hardware and allowing bookers to provision their subcontractors’ devices to participate in the electronic inventory flow.

Each transaction, be it a pickup, a doc receipt, a warehouse outload or delivery, is downloaded to a mobile device where users scan the liftvans and even take exception photos if necessary. Once all liftvans are accounted for, a transaction status is automatically updated in the Voxme MFC system, which can in turn update the booker’s move management system. An audit trail of all the scans is kept in the MFC system. 

Max Kreynin from Voxme Software said, “The need in an efficient data exchange of the inventory data has never been greater in our industry. We are delighted to bring to the moving world a simple, robust and yet comprehensive solution that modern day users can adopt into their daily routine.”