Ultra-fast chargers from EVBox

Mar 01 | 2020

The future of fast and ultra-fast charging has arrived. EVBox has revealed its new fast-charger EVBox Troniq 100 (up to 100 kW), and the redesign of its HPC Ultra-fast charger EVBox Ultroniq (up to 350 kW).

EVBox  TroniQ and UltroniQ16With more EVs entering the market there is an increasing need for drivers to recharge anywhere and for companies to consider having charging facilities in-house, like they have had their own diesel supplies in the past.  To fulfil this need, EVBox introduced its fast charger EVBox Troniq 100 and the redesign of the HPC, ultra-fast charger Ultroniq at CES 2020 (Las Vegas) - the world’s largest global stage for innovation.

The EVBox Troniq 100 was developed to provide 100 kW charging and to ensure high reliability.  The EVBox Ultroniq offers ultra-fast charging with a powerful output of up to 350 kW - its modular configurations of different units assure compatibility for every use case across the world. The robust design will maintain optimal performance even in extreme weather conditions at any location, and the larger integrated touch screen makes it easy for the EV driver to interact with the station.

Both charging stations ensure an outstanding customer experience as a result of improved cable management with retractable and enduring cables, colourful LED lights to guide the user, and wheelchair accessibility.

EVBox Troniq 100 will become available globally by Q2 2020, and EVBox Ultroniq by Q3 2020.

Photo: Left: EVBox Troniq 100, Right: EVBox Ultroniq