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New 7-litre Scania engine for working in town

Apr 19, 2020
Scania is now supplying its L-series cab with the DC07, seven-litre engine for use in lighter-weight operations in congested city areas. The new engine increases the load-carrying capacity by 360 kilos. It is available in three diffe­rent power outputs: 220, 250 and 280hp.

Scania L-series 7 litreAs a dedicated low-entry vehicle, the L-series affords excellent cross-cab access, state-of-the-art levels of direct vision and ease of driver entry – all while maintaining the capabilities and driving characteristics that are synonymous with Scania.

“Initially, we primarily focussed on certain applications with slightly heavier operations by offering the L-series with our five cylinder, nine-litre inline engines,” said Stefan Lindholm, Senior Product Manager, Scania Trucks. “However, what was assumed from the outset was later confirmed: there is a demand for the lighter, more flexible seven-litre engine as well.”

Scanias 7-litre inline six engine DC07Initially only offered in combination with P-series cabs, the Scania DC07 was launched in 2017 and was immedi­ately praised by media and customers alike for its smooth performance, low noise and fuel-efficiency. It is a light-weight, robust and modern inline-six engine with a swept volume of 6.7 litres, offering up to 1,200 Nm of torque from 1,050 r/min in its most powerful 280hp iteration. It features Scania’s in-house designed exhaust gas aftertreatment system with SCR-only technology and can be fitted with engine-driven Power Take Off (PTO).

“It’s Scania’s smallest truck engine in a long time. But it still carries all the well-known brand characteristics: class-leading fuel-efficiency, our low-rev philosophy and the ability to run on 100% HVO or FAME (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil or biodiesel known as Fatty Acid Methyl Ester) from new with up to 90% carbon-dioxide reduction,” confirmed Lindholm.

Photo: the Scania L-Series

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