Simpson Packaging launches super-size TV cover

Nov 23 | 2020

UK-based Simpson Packaging has added a super-size 65” TV cover to its popular Coversafe product range.

The super-size TV cover has been added to the range.The new padded cover was launched in response to demand from movers who were increasingly finding huge home-cinema style TVs that needed to be protected during a move. 

The trend is for larger and larger TVs, possibly as a result of the COVID-19 lockdowns and more time being spent indoors.  Whatever the reason, movers will need to be prepared and have the right equipment to protect these fragile, easily damaged items. Simpson’s new super-size cover should provide a safe secure answer to the problem.

Sturdy handles at either end for easy lifting


The new Coversafe TV cover.

Sturdy handles at either end for easy lifting.