Tyre monitoring specialist tackles misaligned HGVs

Jan 29 | 2021

Smart technology tyre monitoring service TyreWatch is using the latest JOSAM Cam-aligner wheel alignment system, supplied by Automotive Equipment Solutions UK (AES UK), to diagnose and correct misaligned vehicles which, the company says, represents 33% of the UK fleet.

Tyre wear specialist tackles mis-aligned HGVs with sustainable Josam solutionThe JOSAM Cam-aligner is a compact, mobile system which uses patented camera technology to determine the position of axles and individual wheels in relation to the square of the vehicle.

According to TyreWatch, just one degree of misalignment between the wheels and/or the vehicle centre will cause a 10% increase in tyre wear, increased fuel consumption, additional engine strain and potential blow-outs from overheating.  In addition, the mechanical stress caused to the drive axles and steering system greatly contributes to air pollution, as micro particulates are dispersed into the atmosphere.

Tyre wear specialist tackles mis-aligned HGVs with sustainable Josam solutionA 2018 report prepared for Friends of the Earth by Eunomia Research found that automotive tyres are responsible for approximately 13,000 tonnes of micro particulates entering the Earth’s atmosphere every year. A similar report released by the World Health Organisation says that tyre wear accounts for nearly half of road transport particulate emissions and eventually becomes the second-largest micro-plastic pollutant in our oceans after single-use plastics.

By combining the wheel-alignment equipment provided by AES UK with the application of its telematic monitoring services, TyreWatch aims to reduce tyre failure and improve road safety while keeping transport and environmental costs down. 

Tyre wear specialist tackles mis-aligned HGVs with sustainable Josam solutio

Photos: Tyre wear specialist tackles misaligned HGVs with sustainable JOSAM solutions.