New wrapping material to replace bubble and paper blankets

Aug 16 | 2021

Sofrapack, the packaging company from France, is to launch a new product in the new year called PleatWrap.

Guillaume RochmanThe new wrapping material is a direct replacement for bubble and paper blankets but is more environmentally sustainable, less expensive and, according to the company’s founder and CEO Guillaume Rochman, provides better protection to delicate furniture.

Sofrapack is already well known in the industry for the supply of its corrugated crate pallets as a replacement for wooden crates and cases.  The company has invested in new machinery to manufacture PleatWrap in France which will keep the cost down, making it competitive with the materials currently in use. “It is as flexible and as strong as the alternatives, especially on the edges,” explained Guillaume. “It's a sustainable product made from virgin craft paper on the outside and recycled paper inside.”

The product has already been tested in the field by moving companies and has been found to provide adequate protection with a single layer.  There is no need to add cardboard facings to furniture, nor does the product stick or leave marks. It is supplied on a continuous roll so is easy to handle and can be used to pack large furniture without joining.

Guillaume is currently setting up the manufacturing facility and intends to have PleatWrap on the market early in 2022.


Photo:  Sofrapack founder and CEO Guillaume Rochman.