Barcode printing for all

Jul 08 | 2022

Voxme has announced the launch of its Bingo Label Portal that allows a moving company of any size around the world to print barcoded, move-specific labels from any PC or Mac to any modern Zebra printer.

Cloud label printing The portal also allows users to dispatch jobs for delivery checkoff using the new delivery bingo app. Check out the details here

 “The advantages of using barcoded labels and scanning systems are numerous and obvious so how come the majority of the most respected companies in the industry stick to the traditional colour moving tags circa 1910?,” said  Roman Kreynin, Co-Founder and CFO of Voxme Software. “Inertia and tradition aside, the main barriers are obviously the cost of labels and printers, but mainly the cost of software and company-wide system implementation. We sincerely hope that our new offering – cloud label printing and digital bingo app - will make label printing and barcode scanning affordable for the entire moving industry regardless of your company size.”