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Sterling Lexicon launches Sterling Xpress

Nov 21, 2019
Sterling Lexicon, a leading provider of global relocation services, has upgraded its popular household goods small shipment service with the introduction of Sterling Xpress.

The small shipment service was originally introduced in 2017 to overcome industry challenges, such as diminishing capacity, driver shortages, and decreasing shipment sizes. These obstacles often result in service failures, delayed shipments, increased claims and costs, and frustrated assignees and human resource professionals. 

By combining the convenience of full-service moving with the speed and agility of containerised shipping, Sterling Lexicon has reduced claims and costs while enhancing the assignee’s experience. Sterling Xpress introduces significant programme enhancements, such as faster transit times, guaranteed pick-up and delivery dates, 60 days of free household goods storage, an expanded network of vetted, quality partners, and increased savings. 

Mike Brannigan, President of Sterling Lexicon said, “From lack of productivity and unsettled employees to increased temporary housing and per day costs, slow relocations cost more than just money. Sterling Xpress solves these problems by providing the fastest transit times in the industry, creating less stress on the employee so they can focus on getting settled into their new role instead of on their move.”

One successful example of this programme in action is how Sterling Xpress saved a large Bay Area financial technology company more than $1.1 million in household goods and other fees within one year. Prior to partnering with Sterling Lexicon, the company was experiencing two to three-week delivery windows, making it difficult to plan for the transition from temporary housing to permanent. After using Sterling Xpress, claims decreased to zero, and delivery windows were significantly reduced, saving the business up to $15,000 per move. 

“Our customers are raving about the programme offering,” said Rob Vespa, Senior Vice President of Move Management for Sterling Lexicon. “With Sterling Xpress, businesses and employees don’t have to sacrifice great service for cost savings.”

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